Kohlhauer Newsletters

The newsletter for the Kohlhauer descendants got its start in early 1991. Published four times a year, I used the four most common spellings in the United States as the title for the newsletter, i.e. Colehour/Colehower/Colhouer/Colhour Connections, rotating the name each month. Starting in the sixth year I changed the title to be Kohlhauer Konnections and published only one time per year. The initial year of issue was free to the entire mailing list and subscribers thereafter paid a small annual fee. After five years there were 76 subscribers. Since 1996 I have published the one annual issue free of charge to the readers.

The mission statement for the newsletter that I came up with was: "The promotion of the knowledge and the history of the Colehour, Colehower, Colhouer, Colhour, Colhower and Kohlhauer family and its descendants in America and Germany; the furtherance of research on, and the recording of, the past and present members of the Colehour, Colehower, Colhouer, Colhour, Colhower, Kohlhauer branches from earlier times; the fostering of family fellowship and awareness through meetings and publications; and the promotion of group activities by the family in support of the family interest and welfare."

The newsletter greatly accelerated the growth of the family data base from about 1000 persons in 1991 to over 15,500 persons in 2021, including spouses. Both male and female lines are being traced. The popularity of the Internet has also enabled the research to continue successfully and reach out to more cousins.

December 2021 (Volume 31, #1)
December 2020 (Volume 30, #1)
December 2019 (Volume 29, #1)
December 2018 (Volume 28, #1)
December 2017 (Volume 27, #1)
December 2016 (Volume 26, #1)
December 2015 (Volume 25, #1)
December 2014 (Volume 24, #1)
December 2013 (Volume 23, #1)
December 2012 (Volume 22, #1)
December 2011 (Volume 21, #1)
December 2010 (Volume 20, #1)
December 2009 (Volume 19, #1)
December 2008 (Volume 18, #1)
December 2007 (Volume 17, #1)
December 2006 (Volume 16, #1)
December 2005 (Volume 15, #1)
December 2004 (Volume 14, #1)
December 2003 (Volume 13, #1)
December 2002 (Volume 12, #1)
December 2001 (Volume 11, #1)
December 2000 (Volume 10, #1)

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